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Man Must Be Creative

Man Must Be Creative | FSG USA BLOG

People must become aware that false thoughts and feelings, and ideas that they have about themselves often stand in their way and prevent them from doing anything creative.


Thoughts and feelings, such as etc., make them 'shy' away from allowing even a single creative impulse to arise within them. Such false ideas embody something that is not real in truth, but corresponds to a fearful, or timid view that is placed before reality, but has nothing to do with it.


The creative creativity that is imagined, or what is to be created creatively, does not have to be perfect either, because it is OK to have mistakes in it, because if they arise, they can be recognized and corrected.


So, we must let go of perfection and not strive for the perfectionism that is widespread today, because this is one of the greatest enemies of human creativity.


But, if we think in the wrong way about human creativity and develop the wrong attitude, then we become miserable failures in terms of our creative potential.


This very quickly puts our mental state, our joy and everything positive at risk, which should be a reason for us to immediately drop everything and turn to good, and positive thoughts, and feelings, and take time to deal with reality and its truth.

"Billy" Eduard Albert Meier,

December 4th 2013

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