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Have No Doubt

Have No Doubt | FSG USA BLOG

Human being, never doubt the compliance with the laws and recommendations of Creation!

Once you have decided to do this, continue unwaveringly and develop everything within you to its full potential.

Your doubts and uncertainties are products of your still prevailing ignorance of your consciousness which will gradually be clarified and resolved through the realization of the truth.

Recognize it and pay no attention to your doubts and uncertainties but concentrate on knowledge and wisdom alone.

Recognize: Your consciousness in nurturing your daily thoughts and feelings and the resulting experiences is only a value of the external of the brain, which is fertilized by the power of the internal and initiated into the knowledge and feeling of the creative-natural values, laws and recommendations of


Do not hope for your happiness later on, but effectively develop the best thoughts and feelings here and now so that you can approach the state of a balanced consciousness and make it a reality within yourself, be observant of the present and remember: you create your own well-being through your own thoughts and feelings.

In your everyday life, in your thoughts as well as in your deeds, constantly search for what is valuable, for love and true peace, and once you have found everything, grasp it and memorize it without ever losing it


If you realize the good, you will recognize it by feeling and experiencing your satisfaction, your joy, your happiness, your love and your harmony.

And once this is the case, indulge in their effects and remember to never forget them.

The effects of the teaching of life are characterized by your satisfaction through your happiness and your deep peace, which reveal the secret of life itself to you so that you recognize it within yourself and constantly strive and ignite it so that the effects you create yourself become powerful and predominant and flood your whole consciousness with light, knowledge and strength.

From this you can see the path you can take.

It is the path of your own consciousness that you can shape in a valuable and permanently correct way on your own and absolutely on your own initiative without harboring any unreal hopes regarding later times in the sense that you will one day go to heaven.

If you think like this, you will never be able to find happiness because you don't build it in the here and now and completely disregard it for flimsy reasons that you don't admit to yourself and trample on it shamefully.

These reasons are to be found in your own laziness and lethargy as well as in your own irresponsibility because you believe that salvation comes by itself through your membership of a certain group of people. But how unreal you think in this respect!

Remember: Without cause there is no effect!

The causes are your own thoughts which you disregard in the present and allow to flow into unreal feelings of hopes for a later redemption which you have in mind like a distant, completely unattainable religious-sectarian haze and which removes and blinds your senses to reality.

You do not realize in any way that you have to work hard and systematically on the balance of your consciousness because it contradicts your comfort and your lethargy.

You cannot build anything through comfort and lethargy, let alone truly understand the interests of the tasks at hand and represent them in a valuable way for the future.

For recognize: The reason for your complaints lies in the lack of strength and the resulting lack of interest because you place the material factor above the consciousness-based factor and are not able to draw or ignite any strength from it.

If your thoughts and feelings follow the paths of the physical and the materialistic, then you are subject toa dominant weakness that you can only overcome by consistently following the teachings of the "spirit" Creation-Energy and the laws and recommendations of Creation.

Only in the consciousness and in the "spirit" Creation-Energy-Form itself do you find the strength, and only in the strength do you find the satisfaction and the path of consciousness-related relative perfection.


"Through a life of inertia, a human being never comes to true life, which is why he/she must give up his/her inertia sooner or later."

"Billy" Eduard Albert Meier,

December 2014

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