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Broken Recommendations & Broken Dreams

Updated: 7 days ago

Broken Recommendations & Broken Dreams | FIGU USA BLOG

Each day as I enter out amidst a world of increasingly grey skies, towering cold concrete and growing scents of decay, my heart deeply aches at the sight of what the earth has become and has yet to endure. When I further hear the vast utterances by the masses, beckoning the arrival of their long-awaited for miraculous restoration of the lands, yet in duplicity, speak of their consent toward the very factors which detrimentally hinder both land and life, I am brought to utter sadness. Feeling the creational oneness and we-form that is ‘all’, it is as though I can physically feel the pain of the world spiraling and blazing within me.

The human beings of earth plea, long for, and harbor dreams of a coming fanciful land, a tropical paradise, which not only relics lush greenery, blue skies, clear waters, and an array of delectable nourishments, but above all, is the envisionment of neighborly Love, true Peace, and world Harmony. Hitherto, the human beings of earth see not that this very land lies not amidst a heavenly realm beyond the clouds but lies desolate beneath their very feet awaiting transformation. Woefully the masses of the human beings of earth have closed off their vital senses, becoming numb, and having not the eyes to see what lies in wait, nor the ears to hear these heart-wrenching words of truth, as the earth cries out through the rain, and pleads through the howls of the wind, for the very things the human being of earth himself and herself seeks.

Will the masses not allow their eyes to see, and ears to hear with lucidity how in the breaking of one single recommendation, although in truth all recommendations have been broken, also lies the breaking of every possible dream that the human being of earth longingly holds dear. It has been said since times of old, “Thou shall not kill”, in correctness, “Thou shall not kill in depravity”, nevertheless this is carried out with every passing precious second of time, by the very hands of the masses themselves, in ways that remain unheeded by them.

Here-so: with the vast slaughter of all forms of life via war, the slaying of thy neighbor via senseless murder and the endorsed death penalty, the killing of oneself/thy neighbor via suicide/euthanasia, the needless public/private licensing of weapons in which the weapon-holder deems when a life may be taken, the negligence toward one’s own life/life of another via sports for excitement/entertainment, the killing of animals for fun/sport via hunting, the excess killing of animals for luxury goods/clothing and gluttony, the harsh excavating/unearthing of lands for precious metals/jewels/surplus riches, the destruction of lands via warfare/experimental detonations, the eradicating of lands and other life-forms for indulgence/entertainment (i.e. displacement of plant and animal life, and the excess killing of such via deforestation of airable lands for the needless constructing of luxury living, concert halls, sports arenas, shopping centers, casinos/resorts, gyms/salons, excess roads/highways to entertainment, etc.), and these are to name but a few to be fathomed by the human beings of earth, from merely one single broken recommendation.

Last to be heeded, is the highly disregarded immense extinction/eradication of all non-human life on Earth (i.e. plants, animals, insects, microorganism, etc.), as well as the desecrating/polluting of the Earth itself (which lives and breathes just as the human being of earth does), as the human being of earth continues to take far more than it needs and should for the creation of excess descendants, on a planet visibly densely-populated and ill-treated by the human being of earth in the very manner already explained, as though the Earth were solely created to house the life of Man alone. How the masses have turned a blind eye to such a truth as overpopulation is unfathomable, as it is clear to see that barely any land relics on Earth today that remains unuprooted, untouched and unconcreted over by the hands of Man, while the human being of earth heeds not how they routinely seek to flee from the very view of their inheritance (what they have created of the earth) and in desperation flock toward what few lands of beauty remain extant upon the earth (vacations).

In consequence, the masses continue to extinct land, plants, animals, organisms, etc., (in turn, more and more land and life), to house and feed surplus descendants, whom in the near future, will only require/demand much more resources then their progenitors and the current populace, as most are being bred in acquisitiveness, when it remains evidently clear that the Earth’s resources are rendered scarce. They fail to heed that as they continue to plunder and rob the lands to serve themselves and the ever-growing population, they are corrupting the essential biodiversity of the planet, damaging the biosphere, and drawing to extinction the very ecosystems which are crucial to the preservation of human life itself, reckoning man himself as the true cause of the increasing and destructive change in climate, yet woefully they will only take notice of such, when the end is nigh. Likewise, they heed not what dangers lie in wait for them, their descendants and the generations of future times, which may come due to their increasing desire for convenience, idleness and entertainment to be fulfilled by way of advancements in technologies, they have yet to understand the gravity of.

Many heeding the false biblical notion of old, be 'fruitful and multiply', the masses reckon it is their right to produce descendants to no limit, thus eradicate land and life, to only make room for themselves, their descendants, and indulgences. The human being of earth heeds not that the Laws of Creation set a limit on Human reproduction on Earth (2 to 3 offspring per household under normal and healthy circumstances), as is justly set on all planets, based on the planets size and its resources (which are not infinite), which is not a limit set as punishment, but a limit set in fairness of all life and love, that all other created life may be permitted to live, flourish, and exist as well. The masses bear witness to the emerging economic disasters and intensified erratic environmental occurrences, yet ask not why this climate change in truth is occurring (anthropogenic), nor the root to which food and resource shortages truly stem. In veracity it remains so that mankind through their destructive actions has changed and disturbed the natural course of the planets evolution, in turn bringing to extinction more life then aware, to which some had never even become known to man, and woefully the greatly distressed planet has been thrown into self-preservation, and defends itself against the human.

While the present earths inhabitants have reached a civility which remained unheeded by their forbearers, the descendants of today lamentably continue to serve the long-dead ancient ones via the observance of the falsified convictions created by them, in such that they at present raise up ill-willed earth men (i.e., governments, officials, pope, elites, the rich, the famous, etc.) to the heights of idolatry and worship (mirroring those that they revere). All to which evils (i.e. war, murder, theft, greed, riches, lusts, poorness, segregation, unequalizedness, etc.) on Earth continue and brew a mighty storm. Woefully, in all this, the masses revel deep in their faiths, beliefs and convictions, although neither the signs nor wonders of the ancients exist anymore, yet closing their eyes and ears in wantonness of the fulfillment of their own desires (i.e. vacations, luxuries, sports, entertainment, etc.), while the ill-willed ones (men and women which they have chosen and elected to rule over them), deceitfully avow that the current state of chaos is but normal life (i.e. the the world lingers in contradiction: poverty yet wealth, famine yet gluttony, deprivation yet indulgence, chants for peace yet the raging of war, etc.).

If the human being of earth endeavors toward true love within himself and herself, not the false love fulfilled and driven by the material, with starkness these woes would become recognizable to them, in which reason, logic, and transformation of great proportions could ensue. Let the human being of earth in the dawn of this new day endeavor for change, both within and without, that there may become both peace on, and within the earth.

(Whose lives are Illuminated by Love)

Relegeous Truth

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