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The Universal All is Oneness!

Updated: Apr 8

The Universal All is Oneness! | FIGU USA BLOG

The Song Of Pikkolo - Relegeon - Das Lied von Pikkolo.

The teaching of life says the universal all is creative consciousness energy. IT is oneness.

  1. And I had fallen extremely weak in my will to live for my existence went against the given religion of my family life and peoples.

  2. They taught me to believe in a trinity of a god head who created the heavens and the earth.

  3. And the lands of hell was made for the ones who went against the will of them.

  4. I had 3 days of torment in my consciousness when on the 3rd night I lay down in anguish wishing an end of my days for my transgressions against the lord.

  5. When I heard a voice speak to me and I saw clouds and the voice boomed.

  6. Fear not that which is binding and insulting to the consciousness which is almighty.

  7. For your heaven and hell is truly a pre destiny created by the might of your thoughts.

  8. This is but one life of many and each life is likened to that of school whereas the consciousness evolution is primary.

  9. It has been given since time immemorial there is a universal teaching which is not known to many but it is known to you.

  10. And I saw therein a disk shaped flying silver luminous craft of metal and I was taken up with this invisible energy and entered this disk.

  11. Upon entrance I saw what looked like window viewing screens and as I looked upon the magnificence of the technology within the craft, the voice spoke to me.

  12. That which is given to earth man is an evil injustice from various fore fathers from afar which wished to dominate and keep the earth man in subjugation.

  13. And this binding back redirects the powers to outside sources which do not exist as a true power but as a hazy imagination which takes away the knowledge of the true powers of consciousness.

  14. For this reality is based in causal foreordination, this which states for everything there is a beginning, a cause and for the cause an effect.

  15. Which is in association produced in timed intervals calculated by how tremendous the force is behind it, determining the how fast it drawn out the effects are in association with other casual conditions.

  16. This teaching is the teaching of life teaching of truth, and teaching of harmony which you should embrace as a way of life and being; BEING, a true human being.”

  17. And from out of some nearby room walked out an old man; he appeared to me to be about 80 years or so in age, his wisdom and loving nature exuded from his presence and I felt as if I was with family.

  18. And he walked over to me and placing his right hand upon my left shoulder he said to me:

  19. “You have been monitored by us since your birth under the sign of the Gemini.

  20. If you ask your mother, she would be happy to share how we visited her in a dream like state and instructed her on your naming and the path of education she must implement.

  21. You would then realize she too was once educated into the Relegeon teaching which is the laws and recommendations of the Nature which is but the face of CREATION.

  22. It is to be understood that the CREATION laws are formed in such a way that there are no powers, aside from the human beings own thoughts from which he/she could come to experience personal

  23. inequity and personal suffering as well as misery and affliction. Aside from ones own negative inclinations, wishes and desires, no circumstances are able to cloud ones own " I" consciousness and psyche.

  24. Were there no laws and recommendations, then neither order nor insight would exist and no humans would move hand or foot, nor would life exist, because it would not be determined through any law or recommendation.

  25. There are nearly as many laws and recommendations as there are spirit forms within Creation.

  26. Throughout your time here amongst the living your Being will gather a collection of these laws and recommendations and in time share them amongst a small groupings of knowing ones, be aware not only is there power in knowledge and truth of the laws and recommendations but there is a protection, it is in fact 1 of the 7 senses of the human being, still not yet attained.

  27. Take this statement with you throughout life and make it your constant companion when the downs of life lend to bringing your mood and joy to a simmer. The knowing states that the might of your thoughts is like the seasoning of one’s food, it can make the meal bitter or sweet, palpable and delicious, or bitter and disgusting.

  28. Nothing, No thing stands above nature which is the face of the Universal Consciousness. If you pay attention to your life in general you will see that no matter what you do, one can not step out side of the law which is causality. No matter how you misuse your primal power of the might of thoughts, no power outside of self determines your destiny…

  29. Thus it is law: Watch your thoughts for they become your words, watch your words for they become your actions. Watch your actions for they become your habits. they become you destiny. Mental forces raise or lower the life force thus proper knowledge and thinking extends the life forces via thinking powers. So heed that religion is the detrimental thought forces that destroy that or alter that.

  30. So be very aware of your moods and thinking; do not be like the winds in mood whisked away at a whim. Circumstances which cause suffering that grow within the human being and are very much products of the might of the thoughts and also a sign of one’s own mental disharmony which are shown via one’s own thoughts and feelings.

  31. The teaching says that the might of the thoughts is like the seasoning of one’s food, it can make the meal bitter or sweet, palpable and delicious or bitter and disgusting.

The Universal All is Oneness! | FIGU USA BLOG


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