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What is Religion? What is Relegeon?

Updated: Apr 8

What is Religion? What is Relegeon? | FIGU USA BLOG

To define the difference between religion and relegeon, the spirit plane ARAHAT ATHERSATA has disclosed the following:

Chapter IV, Evolution, Verses 75-80

  • 75. Only relegeon must be used for evolution – never religion as implemented according to your current concepts on Earth.

  • 76. In order to experience evolution, the truth, wisdom, mastery, knowledge, love and others must be gathered and united once again from currently existing principles.

  • 77. Yet, a religious-type format, that is, a reverse link, destroys relegeon already in its basic substance and prevents it from ever finding fertile ground.

  • 78. A relegeon format alone is capable of inducing profound successes – religious formats can never accomplish this.

  • 79. From relegeon originates effective knowledge, which results in further wisdom and knowledge.

  • 80. These, in turn, ensure that the path of evolution may be entered into through both forms.

Relegeon is the factor leading back toward the Creative Truth, toward the Ur-Truth of all Creative growth.

Expressed in a religious sense, religion implies a polarity reverse-bond to a God or Creator, within the constraints of religions, to whom man must subordinate himself / herself.

Religion (from the Latin; re ligare) as the epitome of what binds us back to some God or Creator is synonymous with stagnation, inhibition of progress, restriction, constriction and adherence to prescribed ways of thinking and false philosophies, ideologies, beliefs and other churchy and faith teachings and other methods of losing their way. Likewise, religious and sectarian doctrines of faith forbid and deprive human beings of their inherent right to explore and fathom creative-natural-laws and various universal contexts, based on his / her own work and intellectual merit.

There is only one way to the knowledge of the truth: The evolutive ascent of humankind, evolution, the only possible way; it consists of thinking thoroughly and honestly about everything ever read, ever heard and even experienced, and with this necessary healthy critical ability, along with reasoning and understanding, one may in order thereby attain in oneself the clarity about the real connections and in turn to acquire the necessary knowledge oneself.


Religion = backward binding

Relegeon = joining together again

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