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What I have learned from the Spiritual Teaching

Updated: Apr 23

What I Learned from the Spiritual Teaching | FIGU USA BLOG

I have come to the realization that there are laws and recommendations that govern our reality like cause and effect, which are many and I will only elaborate on the few I know of. The laws and recommendations of Creation are neutral, they are neutral because they are applicable for every human being and all of Earth.

Another example of this is the law of becoming and passing, seen in another way we all are born and die. Recognizing the laws and recommendations of Creation (cause/effect), (becoming/passing) dissolves for me the belief in a God because I recognize the laws and recommendations of Creation are unchanging in their nature and applicable for all of Earth, yet all religions teach something different.

Through this view I am responsible to either believe in a religious teaching or to research, learn/recognize and apply through lived experience to understand and know the laws and recommendations of Creation that are applicable for all of Earth. Through the cause and effect of my thoughts I give power/might to, I create the corresponding actions, and behaviors, thus the responsibility for everything always leads back to me whether towards the negative or positive.

I realize I am responsible for my own thoughts, actions, and behaviors. This also leads me to the realization that heaven and hell are just concepts for what I create within and around myself, heaven-the positive, hell-the negative; not a place I go when I die rather by my choices in this lifetime.

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