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Water Shortages

Updated: Apr 8

Water Shortages | FIGU USA BLOG

Water seems to now be more important than ever. I use water for everything, and this became evident recently, when my access to water was completely restricted. Not only was it inconvenient, it was even distressing to the psyche to be without water in the home. Similar to losing electricity when the power goes out, and other unexpected occurrences or interruptions of service. Our water can come from various sources, such as rainwater, ground water, well water, rivers and streams, springs, runoff, snow melt, etc. Then it is transported in all sorts of ways through aqueducts, pipes, hoses, pumps, faucets to the user, and then it goes away only to repeat it’s own cycle of becoming, passing, and becoming again. Down the drain, as Atlant Bieri has written his funny to read book.

However, buried underground lies some very old infrastructure that carries this water to and from our homes. Some of that is breaking down. Is any of it still made of the toxic metal, lead? Some areas and communities just did not plan very far ahead for the enormous water needs that all the people demand today, now in the summer of 2023. Fortunately, I live in a very lush, green, wet climate. But freshwater is not so abundant everywhere.

The news has reported that a community near Phoenix, Arizona has ordered all new new housing construction projects to be stopped due to the lack of available water from the ground! America has been put on notice, as this story appeared on the front page of the New York Times and other outlets.

Water in our house, for showers, bathing, washing, drinking, dishes, laundry, and the bathroom. Water outside the home for our gardens, flowers, trees, fruit trees, grass, bushes, ponds, pools, to wash the car, etc.

Speaking of water, I would like to commend FIGU England for their 3 minute video on Overpopulation. In it, Isaac Asimov used an analogy to explain the population growth of the Earth: If 2 people live in one apartment with two bathrooms, each resident has what he coined “freedom of the bathroom.” They can come and go as they please. But if 20 people live in that apartment with two bathrooms, then it will be very chaotic. The freedom of the bathroom is now gone, and who knows how far the situation would get very badly out of control of the good human nature?

Well, this is exactly the analogy for the human overpopulation of the Earth which is over 9.3 billion (9,300,000,000+). And we only have two bathrooms. As a consequence of overbreeding, the human species increases by 3 people per second (#3PPS), whereby around 100,000,000 humans are born every year. And for you math sticklers, it’s more like 35 people and 2 bathrooms, using Asimov’s analogy with today’s numbers. So my suggestion to possibly improve this situation in your community, would be to notify your local leader, governor, mayor, town council, etc. immediately, in writing, with the following concerns that Billy Eduard Albert Meier suggested in Plejaren Contact Report 846…

For wastewater and water protection, the following 8 necessities, among others, must be urgently observed:

1. Infrastructure and water resources should be protected against conflicts of use and possible risks by means of guideline plans, while the supply of drinking water should be weighted heavily resp. given priority in a balancing of clear interests and necessities.

2. Water supply and use must be professionalized in every process and in a locally determinable manner.

3. More effective water protection regulations and water protection legislation must be adopted and implemented, not only for private individuals, but also for industrial enterprises, companies and corporations, etc., and this must be done consistently and without any quarter (delay.)

4. The production and use of pesticides and biocides1 of all kinds must be restricted, with the sale being controlled and only permitted for soils, large gardens, meadows and fields on which only absolute minimum quantities of pesticides and biocides, etc. are applied in a controlled manner in accordance with the law, with the application sites not being near drinking water catchments.

5. The use of chemical pesticides of all kinds is to be banned in protection zones around drinking water catchments, by gardeners, farmers, private individuals, companies and corporations etc.

6. All application and other use of pesticides, biocides, plant protection products and chemical poisons of any kind by agriculture, private individuals, nurseries, companies and corporations etc. is to be prohibited in groundwater protection zones.

7. Problematic wastewater that is harmful to nature must be dissolved or converted to nature-friendly wastewater disposal through alternative nature conservation methods.

8. Governments must strive to enforce a wide variety of measures to counteract public and private or agricultural, horticultural, corporate and industrial pollution of water bodies.

These points do not in any case sufficiently cover all the necessary measures to be taken, so there must be an interest in subsequently integrating what is necessary into what has been mentioned.

For more information on this subject, feel; free to browse articles here:

biocide: is a European term for any substance such as a pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, algicide, that

destroys lif

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