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The Great Damage of Overpopulation

Updated: Apr 8

The Great Damage of Overpopulation | FIGU USA BLOG

Our planet Earth has an overpopulation problem and we can already see their effects due to the law of cause and effect. Earth scientists have corroborated facts that Billy Meier (BEAM) has mentioned decades ago. And the facts about overpopulation is not an exception. One just has to look at the statistical data and

realize that Billy was correct on his knowledge regarding overpopulation which includes its negative consequences and the corrective actions in order to solve this tremendous issue on Earth.

If we zoom into Central America, we observe that this region has countries with the most dense population in Latin America. Three countries with the most population are Guatemala (17,915,568 population), Honduras (9,904,60 population ) and El Salvador (6,486,205 population).

According to the year 2020 data on website, El Salvador is the most densely populated country among the 7 Central American countries, hence it’s not by accident that this small country became the murder capital of the world around the year 2015. Additionally, the country is plagued with religious beliefs and most are Christians.

It is also interesting to note that the country with the most Christians in Central America is Guatemala which has the most increased population rate of 1.9 percent and with less religious decline of -12 in the region according to and Pew Research Center websites respectively.

Now, with the negative factors of having regions with densely populated areas it is a recipe for more crime rates . Not surprising, the three most populated countries in Central America have a high homicide rate (see map below). Billy Meier (BEAM) mentioned this is a negative consequence of overpopulation among other negative consequences such as less agricultural land, creates increasing desertification, animals become more frustrated and attack humans, animal habitats get reduced with logging for expanding cities or towns, humans’ bodies become weaker and become prone to both physical and mental diseases, and climate change at an alarming rate.

On the article, “Is it Worthwhile to Start Up a Business Today?” by Walkiw R., it states that, “…it’s actually easier to start up a business today than to find a job that pays a living wage. The reason for this is simple: Our global economy is based on the myth of endless natural resources, endless market expansion and endless economic growth.” The planet Earth doesn’t have unlimited resources and an exponential

growth of the population is simply illogical and it doesn’t allow the Earth to heal itself from the great damages. Truly, the overpopulation problem could poison the atmosphere to the point of destroying all life on Earth if humankind doesn’t rectify this issue.

The corrective action for overpopulation would be to have a 7 year ban of births worldwide and one year of procreation consent with permission from the government and this cycle continues until the Earth´s population reaches a healthy amount. The Earth is capable of sustaining a population of up to 530 million human beings.

Website: On the documentary named “ En Portada El Salvador de Bukele” by RTVE, at the 14:16 minute mark of the video, M. Reyes mentions that the overcrowded neighborhoods of El Salvador had a high birth rate created poverty and was saturated by inhabitants, which in turn produced more gang members. Thus, a logical human being can deduce that overpopulation produces greater crime rates. On the other hand, El Salvador had taken drastic measures in order to take control of the high criminal activity in the country. The Salvadoran President Bukele implemented the Territorial Control Plan through the State of Exception and it allowed much greater temporary powers for the government until the problem gets greatly reduced and use both the military and police forces to defend its population.

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