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Updated: Apr 8

Follow the Silence | FIGU USA BLOG

Music is not about the notes, it’s the silence in between - Mozart

CR’s and Music – Was ist wirklich erklaert?

Ptaah on music:

CR 611:

“The music corresponds to a very wide-ranging might, and indeed both in the positive as well as in the negative. It characterizes the human being already from birth and touches him/her in the depths of his/her self-created inner nature, which he/she also shows to the outside world and this has nothing to

do with the innermost creational-natural nature. The might of music acts therewith on the human being in accordance with the wise, as his/her inner nature is formed in the evil or good, that is to say, negatively or positively, such as rebellious, malicious, disharmonious, spiteful, mean, sneaky, infamous, chickenhearted, envious, psychopathic, deadly, immodest, unfree, unfair, unhappy, unsatisfied, embittered, pernicious or angry, etc., or equalized, merciful, modest, free, friendly, peaceful, patient, pleasant, kind, good-natured, harmonious, helpful, calm, restrained, reliable, warm-hearted and courteous, etc. Thus the music has depending on its positive i.e. harmonious or negative i.e. disharmonious form in itself, that it effectuates that which is good and positive or negative and bad in the human being. Therefore, in the negative case, the might of the music can drive the human being into a psychical misery, into a moral decline and into a general malignant downfall, just as however lead him/her in a positive wise to the psychical elation and to high performance, etc. Good music creates high cultures and through bad music high cultures are destroyed again, and thus since time immemorial it happened and is happening also on the earth. In a good, positive phase, with regard to the music, times always prevailed in each case, which were peaceful, good and progressive. If, however, phases of negative, bad music arose, then the times were bad. With bad music, irresponsible rulers and other elements often seized the political and military might and instigated fights, wars and upheavals, like e.g. the world wars on the earth in the last century, therefore which were from 1914–1918 and 1939–1945, as well as the Vietnam and Korean wars, and in the last 25 years war actions which broke out in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the current criminal machinations of the 'Islamic state', as you correctly call this murderer - and criminal-organization. Since time immemorial, harmonious

forms of music prevailed before and after such events, through which earth humans and peoples were attuned peacefully.”

Observed and considered with respect to the earth, the good and positive music which sprang up after the last wars changed again in recent times, that is to say, in the 1980s, into the negative and bad and even into the evil, as you yourself have said many times since then. Effects, because it creates a great influence with respect to the management of time in the brain, the thoughts and feelings as well as the psyche and the self-perception. Music has an affect on all levels of the brain, and it has direct access to the thoughts, feelings, the emotions and to the psyche, and since time immemorial, it is anchored deeply in the history

of the human being. Music makes use of ancient mechanisms of the human psyche and the human motivations, and human beings can even profit from it, if they hear sad music, especially then if they have grief or are in sorrow as well as if nostalgia is presented, which often consists of a mixture of joy and sorrow. Music is an expression of creational-natural laws, that can also be explained as cosmic laws of nature, even though it is also a specific expression of the human thoughts, feelings and inventions. From this it also can be recognized that among the countless noises occurring in nature, many sounds and tones appear, which sound harmonious and fundamentally already embody a structure of music.

CR 241:

“Every planet and every star has its own resonance, its own sound frequency, which is called planetary harmony, planetary melody, echo or reverberation.” … “Swinging wave is to be defined as sound, which in turn is based on a certain frequency, which is determined by the magnetism of the celestial body.”


Swinging wave - Sound Frequency

  • What is the frequency of your swinging waves?

  • What is the music that is the result of our might-created swinging waves that we emit with our thoughts, and how harmonic is this at any given moment?

  • How is that relative to the frequency of the swinging waves of the planet; or to the celestial bodies

  • outside of Earth?

  • Is the creational might of the universe within which we live not producing a music that is harmonic?

  • Why would it make sense to produce and absorb a music which is then disharmonic?

  • Does the human being take the time to consider and think about the implications of this?

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