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And there shall be Peace on Earth

Updated: Apr 11

And there shall be Peace on Earth | FIGU USA Blog

Those true human beings, who want for the entire humankind love, peace, freedom and harmony and who do not fell prey to the lust for power as well are not of the imperiousness, boastfulness and not the megalomania, never themselves serve the hatred, the pathological craving for revenge and deadlier weapons, in order to coerce the human beings and the world under their control, and indeed solely for this reason, because such convictions, technology and instruments, etc. always have the tendency, Itself to turn around into the opposite - actually grows, springs up and sprawls thorny and everything displacing and destructive weeds only there, where blind-raging armies pass-through, themselves of blood-lustful negatively behaving warriors and in the name of and under the command of the delusional-thinking have murdered, destroyed and eliminated - under the banner of alleged love and harmony as well as creation of peace and freedom. All that is truthly however only a cloak for the cover-up of the might-greedy ones, the cowardly anxiety and cowardice as well as the hatred and the pathological craving for revenge of those, who plot wars and terror and bring unspeakable misery as well as blatant hardship and unspeakable suffering over the earth-human beings and over the world.

Weapons of all kinds, start with weapons of impact, cutting and stabbing through hand-held weapons, simple rifles and automatic weapons, through biological-, chemical- and nuclear-weapons up to tanks, bombs, rockets and deadlier swinging waves and radiations corresponding to all disastrous and death-bringing, suffering-bringing, pain-bringing as well as destruction-bringing and elimination-bringing equipment and things, that never a device or another means of a true human being, but rather can only be of ausgearteter creatures, possesses absolutely no value for that of a human life and everything created by the Creation and by the human beings. And creatures, that use such things and weapons, in order to attack others, to harm, to terrorize, hatefully, vengefully and blood-thirstily to murder as well as greedily for might and feloniously to destroy, to eliminate and conquer, hardly likely still earn the designation human being, because truthly they are more terrible and more malicious than any ausgeartete blood-lustful beast.

When no other choice remains to the attacking, than itself to the same means, to take hold of things and weapons and use these, in order to defend their life and country and to protect their achievements as well as their goods and chattels and their relatives, then they do good thereon, to be calm and free from all desires as well as from all hatred and distance every pathological craving for revenge and do not to celebrate the achieved victory. However, when they do that nevertheless, then they are not better than the attacker, because they themselves rejoice over it, having to achieve their victory with spilling of blood, murder and manslaughter, terror, torture and destruction as well as with elimination, suffering and human dignitylessness. Actually it is namely therefore, that those, who celebrate and commemorate a victory, are equally like the attacking ones hateful, vengeful, terroristic, murderous, destructive and bloodthirsty. There is however no place on the world for bloodthirsty ones, for torturers, also hate-full ones, vengeful ones, might-greedy ones, war-murderers and terror-murderers as well as destroyers and annihilators, because they do not have a right, their life to eke out an existence as fully Ausgeartete.

Those human beings, who master true love and freedom, harmony and the peace, do not set him/herself mightfully over his/her fellow human beings, because he/she sets him/herself equally among them and with them, also when they have the guidance and in this wise lead the people. They are not militaristically and not terroristically minded, and when they in pure defense would successfully drive a defense and a necessary battle of the defense beat, then they do so not excessively in hatred, revenge, destruction, elimination, murders and rage. They understand it namely, to retain in every human-worthy form the upper hand over the opponent, whereby they in their inner nature and in their being a human being in the real and true sense also remain free of hate- and revenge-demands as also from frenzy, wrath, passion, berserk-rage and doggedness etc. Desire and rage namely, as all forms of the Ausartung, are primal reasons for defeat, thus the hot-headed ones do not achieve true victory, but rather the level-headed ones and reserved ones, the calm one and composed ones, let themselves be guided neither by hatred and revenge nor by ambition and lust for power etc. The true strategy of the defense is to act in a true state completely unspoiled by emotional influences, because through this is equally guarded the clarity of the thoughts and feelings and the humaneness as also clear actions, whereby no Ausartung of any form steps into appearance. This form of the defense leads to a superiority, which for unfathomable attacking and therefore is not opposable and not replaceable, which is the case not only regarding war actions and their defense actions, but also in the daily life and in the general and special interpersonal relationships, when any differences and attacks step into appearance. Actually it is namely important with all aggressivenesses, that the strategy of the defense for the standing with human beings or the foe, with the one him/herself disputes, remains unfathomable, thereby the defense can be effective. Therefore applies it to hold hidden the form of the defense, to such an extent, that all words or movements etc. for the aggressive fellow human being or opponent come unexpectedly in every wise, thereby for them it becomes impossible, to prepare themselves for it. And precisely this is the factor, that is required, in order to calm the fellow human being or opponent and to him/her to be able to tutor a better way or to overcome, when to him/her the applied unfathomable defense strategy of the rationality is brought and lets him/her realize the effectiveness of the entirety.

What enables a human being to create for this, love, peace, freedom and harmony and also in this form to achieve with safety, is founded in his/her unfathomable essence of wisdom as well as in his/her rationality-significant intellectual and feeling-based actions. Values, which in and of themselves actually leave no trace, because they as formless elements untouched by anything and remain invisible for the human beings, which however in him/her and in the world as high values can work wonders, when they are inwardly and outwardly effective. The wise human being however hides these values in their inner unfathomableness, so that the observation of them is hidden from the fellow human beings and in their formlessness work and cannot be destroyed by others. Thereby the human being is able to be in his/her thoughts, feelings, hopes, longings, ideas and wishes infinitely fine and subtle and go up to the boundaries of the formlessness, without which he/she takes damage in the process. In the course of this he/she also remains infinitely enigmatic and can go to the boundaries of the soundlessness/silence, without which he/she can be heard, understood and thereby distressed and disadvantaged by the fellow human beings or opponent. Thereby an advantage comes about, through which the way can be determined, to tutor the next one in a gewaltsamen Gewaltlosigkeit or to overcome an opponent, without which war, terror, murder and manslaughter, destruction and elimination takes place, and without which a force is exercised, therefore the words "And there is peace on Earth…" among the humankind can finally be truth.

The true human being, who wisely in him/herself and with environment lives in love, peace, harmony and freedom, acknowledges one level of the Creation's-nature-based given truth as well as a knowledge and from this the resulting essence of wisdom, on which certain conflicts with the fellow human being actually do not come about and a victory over the opponents and the next ones for this in a visible to him/her form cannot step into appearance. That is indeed easily said, however extremely difficult to do, because the selfishness and the egoism of the human beings as a rule is very much greater and mightier than his/her rationality and his/her Will, to submit him/herself to the necessary reformation, which by many can only be immensely more difficult and rarely brought to fruition. A true human being in the sense of the words can and must him/herself in regard to his/her way of the evolution and his/her entire progress solely only rely on him/herself, because in every wise he/she carries the responsibility for him/herself entirely alone, therefore also he/she alone everything see and alone everything must know, which means, that he/she must see, hear, realize and know, which others do not perceive, which others do not see, do not hear and do not know. This means superiority and genius, and precisely thereby a progressive and evolutionary gain is achieved, which makes the human beings unassailable and tenable against all irrationality, against hatred, pathological craving for revenge, unlove, unfreedom and strife. However in order to obtain these values, the way of those must be trodden, fundamentally to settle existing problems with the fellow human beings and the environment, which nevertheless corresponds to no easy process, but rather a quite difficult one.

Problems of every form, whether anxiety, hatred, revenge, cowardice, terror, pathological craving for might and retribution or what also always, is not able to and cannot simply be discarded or buried in the remembering (memory) or in subconsciousness, in order to as well thereon hope, that they simply will be forgotten. Actually they remain namely to exist and to urge over and over again maliciously teasing into the foreground and to thereby direct uncontrollable terribleness on. War, hatred, pathological craving for revenge, murder, imperiousness and striving for might as well as terror, fanaticism or manslaughter in most horrible form is in the most terrible case the effect, and to fight this Ausartung, only very rarely succeeds. Therefore the existing problems cannot simply be discarded and cannot be shelved in the remembering (memory) or subconsciousness, but rather they require a clear reassessment and resolution. This however which can occur solely and alone only thereby and only through the only way, which the existing problems of an acute making be supplied and consciously in their details and fineness be fathomed, analyzed, worked out and resolved. The acute making of the problems means thereby, that these - whatever form they also always are related to and therefore from him/herself, from one or more fellow human beings or from an entire people, the environment or even from the entire humankind - in the wise will be concerns, that they are consciously proceeded from and are made to the recognizable acute actuality, whereby they will be highly active and will break forth like an explosion. This however must occur in a state of rest, which means, that the acutely becoming problems will be active only in the thoughts and feelings and will not come to breaking out outwardly. The problems therefore are not outwardly effective, but rather only inwardly and aligned in the thoughts, feelings and emotions. And because the breaking out consciously is not carried out outwardly, but rather only inwardly, since no outside origin is given by fellow human beings, happenings, things and situations etc., this will be referred to as state of rest, precisely also for this reason, because calm prevails outwardly and the fight solely takes place internally.

Thus the problems are outwardly not to be given, i.e. not existent, consequently they also must not outwardly be fought with an outbreak and they even in a state can be solved, in which they are not effectively given, but rather itself only takes place internally acute in the thoughts and feelings as well as in the emotions, whereby they can be consciously controlled, analyzed, worked out and iota by iota resolved. Thus all emotions as well as any form of problems are in an outer state of rest, when they solely internally will be shifted into an acute state, which is why also it is taught, that emotional and any forms of other problems can to be worked out and resolved only in their state of rest.

Internally conscious in an acute state shifted emotions as well as thoughts, feelings and problems of all kinds increase themselves with their analyzing and processing to their resolution and neutralization in very much greater and higher forms of the intensity, like when they actually would uncontrollably outwardly come to the breaking out. Thereby the entire procedure of the problem-management for some human beings will hardly be a manageable case, when the required motivation through one's own or a stranger's instruction of the necessary facts as well as the Will and the initiative is too weakly formed or not at all existing. For this reason there are only a few, that go the hard way of the cognition and self-cognition as well as the truthly self-realization and thereby resolve in him/herself all those disastrous thing and errors, by which they will be held off and be kept away from the true love and freedom as well as from true peace and the harmony, to which they can contribute nothing to this, which the individual as well as the entire humankind can say: "And there shall be peace on Earth…"

If the human being wants to create peace on the Earth, then the individual must begin with him/herself and the way of his/her own inner reformation, of his/her emotions, thoughts and feelings as well as fight, resolve and ultimately bring to the disappearance all of his/her problems of hatred, pathological craving for revenge, fanaticism, sectarianism, religions, pathological cravings for might and imperiousness, anxiety, cowardice, vice and greed as well as war and terror, murder, torture, death penalty and profit thinking, etc., in order to concede to the true love and harmony as well as peace and freedom their entitled place. And in the process of this must be cautious, that the one value without the others cannot exist, because each individually is dependent on the others, thus the love on the peace, the freedom and the harmony; the harmony on the love, the freedom and the peace; the peace on the love, the harmony and the freedom as well as the freedom on the peace, the harmony and the love.

And truly an entirety comes about only with all these values together, which are to be bound in happiness and joy and in all human beings a satisfaction in the existence and in dignity brings respect of the life. However, unfortunately only a small minority understands, which values of love, peace, harmony and freedom are in the outer and in the inner worlds. Thus many understand about freedom only precisely that, which he/she can do and not do, whatever he/she wants. But precisely in regard to freedom this does not apply, because this embodies - both in the inner as in the outer worlds - far more, than him/herself the individuals can think up. Freedom namely is not only a general term for the one's own doing and not doing as well as for fulfilling of all those things, requirements, desires, drives and wishes etc., that will ever want to be seen fulfilled. Freedom means far more, because it embodies among other things also the actual openness of the human beings, through which he/she both in him/herself and in outer environment and toward his/her fellow human beings can be open and honest in all things without anxiety and fear, without that he/she must falsify or conceal to him/herself or the fellow human beings the facts of the truth.

Love, peace, harmony and freedom are facts and values, which every human being should and must him/herself be conscious of, however precisely that comes off to him/her, because since time immemorial he/she has lost the sense for it, In him/herself to seek after these high realnesses and sublimities, and the wise ones and prophets, those who proclaim to him/her, they beat with insults and ignominy or even murder them. And all the high dignitaries and office holders of the religions and governments as well thereby still assiduously help with and do such things up to the present day. And precisely all these mighty ones and rulers of the politics and the religions were since time immemorial - and still are today -, who are responsible for plotting - and also today still plot -, that the populations of all countries remained and remain unknowing. The mighty ones and rulers, the governments as well as the religionists and their representatives of all positions are also still today, those who neglect their responsibility toward the people and to the human beings as individuals and therefore for this do not strive, to tutor and clear this up within the frame of the right mode of life and the correlations of all consciousness-based concerns, because they truthly only therefore strive to, impose all kinds of taxes on the people, so that they themselves through horrendous remunerations can live in joys and delightfulness. But it doesn't stop there, because in some places they are also at work, to betray and to offer their own country for sale, to spread war and terror, death, destruction and ruin and in addition to finance still fully senseless projects with amounts of thousands of millions and to idiotically and senselessly blow the hard-earned tax funds of the people. And above all they do not strive, to create true love and freedom as well as harmony and peace, whereby finally can be said: "And there shall be peace on Earth…"

Whatever the human being always also does, he must do for the benefit both for him/herself as well as for the benefit of his/her next ones, all fellow human beings and therefore for the entire humankind as well as for the near and far next ones. The benefit however is based in every wise therein, that effective knowledge and from this the resulting essence of wisdom will be worked out through a true love, freedom as well as through peace and harmony, wherein also courage and feelings for others as well as humaneness are established, which in joys make the human beings great and fair. Solely to act for the fulfillment of the one's own desires and wishes, is superficial and selfish and ultimately always leads to horrible effects. Thus must be understood and comprehended, that only a togetherness, which mutual understanding as well as the cooperation of all human beings on the Earth fulfills all of those requirements, that the true love and harmony, peace and freedom gain a foothold and actuality can be, whereby the human being without anxiety and fear can say: "And there shall be Peace on Earth…"

"Billy" Eduard Albert Meier,

December 14th 2002

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