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A Look into the Clouded Mirror

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A Look into the Clouded Mirror | FIGU USA Blog

That which the human being thinks, resp. the essence of the thought, which is of a just or unjust nature, creates the corresponding energy therefrom, in ither a positive or negative form. These vibrations traverse the lands as a powerful force, attracting and binding to thoughts, resp. energies of the same wise, to which it grows in strength. It is this amassed energy which ricochets, effecting not merely thy neighbor, but the equilibrium of all life. Thereupon, either seeds of harmony or disharmony are sown by mankind upon the earth, thus what the human being bears witness to, a utopia or dystopia, is the fruit thereof, and in such, their inheritance.

While one may not control the imposing negative free-will actions of another (cause), one may control of their own free-will what shall become of the imposition (effect). One may choose to allow (accept) it as a learning, overcoming, resilience and forgiveness -or- anger, victimization, self-pity and unforgiveness. In turn, ultimately choosing the extent of their woefulness, burden and suffering, and/or happiness, alleviation and peace in life. Once the human being has analyzed, corrected and truly mastered their own frailty (obstacles), via realizing them and experiencing them (living in them) and learning from such, can they proceed to understand and help thy neighbor.

For the human being whom is of false mastery, the obstacles of old etched within the consciousness, repeatedly push to the surface like lava from the pits of a volcano, frequently challenging the human being until mastery is attained. Those whom lack the free-will striving to face reflection, the looking into the harsh clouded mirror, retreat in deflection, allowing their minds to fall further into the abyss of both unknowingness and unresponsibility, to which the clawing of the way out merely becomes ever more difficult.

Within a realm where 'live and help live', has become 'live and let live', woefully most human beings have lost interest, sincerity and compassion toward the well-being of their fellow human being, which as a natural law, is altruistically ingrained deep within their being, as one of many creational seeds, yet has become choked by branching roots of egocentricity, thus depravity of the mind rages rampant like the spark of a wildfire in 100mph winds, to which a vanity spreads as a blanketed plum of dense smog across once clear lands.

Consequently, more and more human beings become not only numb toward the caring for the well-fair of another life, but have become more and more uncaring for their own. Through this woeful but heart-wrenching clear sight ought the human being of earth to finally endeavor for great change, and warrant a new path and way of life; that all life be granted its rightful place and opportunity to live in true love, utter peace and harmonic balance, instead of the path of destruction that has long been paved.

(Whose lives are Illuminated by Love)

Relegeous Truth

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